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The creator actually has an additional mod that you can also install if you want bards in Skyrim to sing with soothing vocals all the way. It’s found on this page in the Nexus, also free! 6. Interesting NPCs. Check Out This Mod. Although this isn’t really a bard mod per-se, it does add a ton of new and different NPCs to the game. This mod will add 36 new marriage candidates to the game, half who are female and half who are male. Some of these new NPC are guards, faction members, or just commoners. Includes a couple Khajit, Wood Elf, and High Elf NPC which are not offered in vanilla... With over 20 'Marriageable ..." mods there are a lot of questions to answer. Sometimes questions you have to answer over and over again. This book has all the answers to the questions that have already been asked. You can find this book on the counter in the Arcaneum in the College of Winterhold. It's yours to take or just leave it at the counter.