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Jan 16, 2008 · Is there any way to use DISTINCT on just one column of a multi-column query? There have been numerous times I have wanted to do this, but have not found an easy way. In this instance I am selecting four columns and just want to distinct on the first column because the data of the four is different enough it returns duplicates of the first column. Columns are not modified if ... is empty or .keep_all is TRUE. Otherwise, distinct() first calls mutate() to create new columns. Groups are not modified. Data frame attributes are preserved. Methods. This function is a generic, which means that packages can provide implementations (methods) for other classes. See the documentation of individual ... Return value. A column of unique values. Remarks. The results of DISTINCT are affected by the current filter context. For example, if you use the formula in the following example to create a measure, the results would change whenever the table was filtered to show only a particular region or a time period.