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Serial numbers of certain Lee-Enfields can serve as indicators of the model and help with initial authentication. The 'BS' prefix was used for the .22 British No.7 rifles, 'T1' for the .22 No.5 trials small-bore target rifles in 1945 and 'DA' for the .22 No.8 N.Z. contract rifles by BSA Shirley. 1905 Sporterized Lee Enfield SMLE Mk1 Mtl · 500 Sporterised SMLE. 1905, started life as a No1 Mk1 (the original Enfield), and was converted three different times indicated by the three stars following the Mk1. The Rangers number about 5,000 men and women (many of them ethnic aborigines), and while they are not really You may be thinking to yourself that Enfield parts are not difficult to come by, right? Lee-Enfields are a particular pain in the ass to headspace, and in a lot of ways it makes more sense...