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JEL CLAWS are simply the most high tech scale tires available. Made in our own USA factory by engineers and craftsman, who care about quality. There performance will not fade during a race and will run their best until the checkered flag. More active, aware boards should follow naturally. They can earn my trust by putting a halt to management looting companies. Banks in particular should put serious claw back clauses in all management (and all “investment banker” and trader) employment contracts to send a warning signal about future bad behavior. ST 2050 1/64 HO Scale Slot Car Tire for Aurora G Plus Cars, Rear Tires with Smooth Wheels, HO Scale Slick. Quick Overview Jel Claws scale auto racing tires made exclusively with Jel Racing Compound fits 1/64 HO scale Aurora G-Plus cars, Rear Tires with Smooth Wheels, HO Scale Slicks.