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Convert all existing Mongo instances to JSON using the new converters. Start each bot instance while using JSON and load any and all cogs you have in order to successfully preserve data. Turn each instance off and convert back to Mongo. NOTE: No data is wiped from your Mongo database when converting to JSON. Oct 28, 2020 · That is the desktop version of the site. Step 2. Next, you should click or tap on the blue “Add to Discord” button. Of course, you can take your time and explore what the bot has to offer. Sending a message the first channel with discord.js, I'm using Discord.js version 11.4.2, and I was able to use the following code to send a default message to the #general channel. Replace bot discord.js features two utility methods to easily determine the final permissions for a guild member or role in a specific channel: .permissionsFor() on ... How to run multiple instance and have multiple accounts open : discordapp. I have been looking to have 2 Discord accounts and to be able to run them simultaneously. To do that, I need to be able to run multiple instances of …. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.