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Looking for 5.56x45mm Green Tip ammo from Federal? This 62 grain FMJ M855 brass-cased 5.56 NATO ammunition is a great buy for your AR-15! Does anyone have an opinion or any experience with these two types of this 5.56 ammo? - Federal Lake City XM855LC AC1 62 gr. (Penetrators) VS. - PMC X-TAC Steel Core 62 gr. (Penetrators) Both seem similar, but I have heard mixed reviews on the PMC X-TAC, Is there really any difference in the two types or are they pretty much the same. Has anyone had an issue shooting PMC 5.56 62 gr green tip ammo? I usually shoot PMC 9mm, and never had an issue, but haven't shot the 5.56. I'm going half on a bulk ammo buy. My buddy prefers 5.56. I normally shot .223, but only because it's cheaper. Our local gun shop has Federal .223 and tbe PMC 5.56 for the same price.