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Requirement that the safety data sheet contains the information listed in Article 31(6). The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland. Requirement on an actor in the supply chain to place the relevant exposure scenarios in an annex to the safety data sheet in accordance with section 3 of Annex 11 (general rules for adaptation of the ... cms 565-01 epoxy lead free primer 10-p4-2/ec-117 (lead free) cms 565-02 electrostatic 24-f2 series/pc-101 cms 565-02 exterior 24-f20/ series/pc-226 cms 565-05 fluoropolymers filled abrasion resist 23-t3 series/pc-216 cms 565-08 yellow electrostatic 10-p1-16 mil spec no. description part no. Determine the hazardous material and obtain a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) via 3E Company at 1.800.451.8346. Consult the SDS on ways to treat exposure until further medical assistance arrives; and Monitor media outlets. Teachers and Staff . Close all windows and exterior doors to classroom; Have class roster with you;