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This lesson is intended for AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and College Calculus 2. This material is usually in the unit, Applications to Integration. The activity should take close to an entire class period for the students to complete, or it can be assigned as homework. In Problems 11–13, use the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and the given graph. Each tick mark on the axes below represents one unit. f 1 f x d x 4 6 .2 a n d f 1 3 . F in d f 4 . f 4 g iv e n th a t f 4 7 . AP Calculus AB Particle Motion Worksheet In #1-5, answer the following questions for each position function s(t) in meters where t is in seconds if a particle is moving along the x-axis. Lesson 15.2 and 15.3 Practice Worksheet Answers Lesson 15_2 and 15_3 practice worksheet answers 2019.pdf 689.27 KB (Last Modified on March 3, 2020) Comments (-1)