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Dec 18, 2019 · To investigate the strain hypothesis, Lau et al. generated recombinant α-syn fibril strains with and without the inclusion of salt, which displayed distinct biochemical features. The fibrils varied in size, stability, and ability to bind an amyloid dye. The authors also compared the recombinant strains with human α-synucleinopathy samples. Background A large outbreak of diarrhea and the hemolytic–uremic syndrome caused by an unusual serotype of Shiga-toxin–producing Escherichia coli (O104:H4) began in Germany in May 2011. As of ... Lean cemented sand and gravel (LCSG) materials are increasingly being used in dams, embankments, and other civil engineering applications. Therefore, their mechanical properties and stress-strain behavior should be systematically understood. In this study, the small-strain dynamic properties of LCSG materials were examined. A series of dynamic triaxial tests were performed to investigate the ...